The ICU at TOMCH Caters to many specialities such as general medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, accidental and emergence care, pulmonology

The intensive care comprises of various forms of life support and organ specific supportive care like endotracheal intubation ' mechanical ventilation /non invasive ventilation use of vasoactive drugs / Dialysis/Enteral and parenteral feeding (TPN) etc..
TOMCH ICU is 15 bedded ICU which includes medical/ surgical ICU with 5 beds each
ICU is equipped with-
  1. Multipara monitor 15
  2. Ventilator-3+1
  3. ECG-2
  4. Defibrillator-2
  5. ABG-1
  6. Electrical suction apparatus
  7. Nebulizer -3
  8. Syringe pumps -3
  9. Infusion pumps -12
  10. Portable X-ray machine-1
  • MICU -5beds
  • ICU-5beds
  • SICU-5 beds